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About Us

I've been in the neckwear industry for 30 years, and I love what I do. Let's work together to create a beautiful custom product your end user will be proud to wear. 

When one carefully reviews the neckwear options that are currently available to corporate customers, it becomes quite apparent that these products are neither of a high quality, nor are they fashionable. In other words, they really are not accessories that one would voluntarily purchase for their own wardrobe and ultimately be proud to wear. What tend to be available, however, are ranges of products that are mediocre at best, in both quality and design. For the most part, they have been manufactured with a "cookie-cutter" look that is more reminiscent of a uniform.  

We'd like to change all of that, one tie at a time......  

What do you need?

A minimum of 50 units is usually required in a woven fabric. We can discuss your options if the quantity required is lower. 

You've got your logo, and your colours, so let's get started. 

We offer both silk and polyester, to meet all budget needs.


From start to finish it usually takes 9 - 15 weeks for a custom product.

If you are looking for something quick, we  offer non custom designs too.


Whether its neckwear, bow ties, pocket squares, or mens and ladies scarves, we can create a product that's just what you need.